Spoke / VAN / EveryAction / Action Network Integration

November 14, 2019

FROM: OSDI Department of Customer Relations
TO: Progressive Interoperability Special Agents
RE: Spoke / VAN / EveryAction / Action Network Integration

There is now an implementation of an outbound OSDI “Action Handler” in spoke terms.  Setup is easy, add your API Token, by default remote system is VAN/EveryAction. Your survey question responses and activist codes will show up as actions in the Spoke interaction step / script editor.
This is currently in a pull request, which you can try, https://github.com/MoveOnOrg/Spoke/pull/1166
Documentation here:  OSDI_CONFIGURATION.md
If you are interested documentation on the steps necessary to have your product work with this connector, make contact. If your project is open source, I’ll help write the code.