Spoke / VAN / EveryAction / Action Network Integration

November 14, 2019

FROM: OSDI Department of Customer Relations
TO: Progressive Interoperability Special Agents
RE: Spoke / VAN / EveryAction / Action Network Integration

UPDATE 11/2019: This worked with CiviCRM’s OSDI endpoint as well. shortly after achieving that milestone, MoveOn squelched this work, and pushed proprietary API implementation forward instead.
There is now an implementation of an outbound OSDI “Action Handler” in spoke terms.  Setup is easy, add your API Token, by default remote system is VAN/EveryAction. Your survey question responses and activist codes will show up as actions in the Spoke interaction step / script editor.
This is currently in a pull request, which you can try, https://github.com/MoveOnOrg/Spoke/pull/1166
Documentation here:  OSDI_CONFIGURATION.md
If you are interested documentation on the steps necessary to have your product work with this connector, make contact. If your project is open source, I’ll help write the code.