Gender Pronouns and Netroots Nation

September 29, 2017

In August, we attended the Netroots Nation conference and held a caucus for our fellow data and technology nerds to meet, greet, and work on the OSDI specification. In the spirit of inclusivity and accessibility — core values to our mission — we held breakout discussions on topics like preferred gender pronouns, security, and how to deal with bulk data.


Today, we’re highlighting the discussion on Gender Pronouns in OSDI with a short video from that caucus. If you’ve wondered about the kinds of discussions that building a progressive community standard entails, you’ll get a sample of that from this video.

If you watch the video and feel your passions rising for issues like these, or you just like to debate the finer points of JSON structure and serialization, maybe OSDI engagement is for you!

If you were at the caucus at Netroots Nation, or even if you’ve been following OSDI for a while but haven’t gotten involved, now’s a great time to formally join our organization. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s easy to do — you can decide whether you want to be part of our customer coalition, essentially raising your hand publicly and saying, “OSDI is important and I support it,” or you can dive in a join our weekly technical committee calls and help us write the specification.

Either way, if you’re ready to join, email us at and we’ll get your membership started!

Thanks for reading and watching!

Contact: Adriel Hampton, OSDI VP of PR, 415-316-7903,