ActBlue OSDI Implementation Launches with DailyKos

May 18, 2016


Running comprehensive online campaigns just got a whole lot easier for Democrats and progressive organizations, with synced online fundraising with ActBlue and Action Network. A new OSDI-powered integration between the two platforms automatically mirrors ActBlue fundraising pages on Action Network and stores donation data when someone makes a contribution on ActBlue.

The new integration will immediately benefit netroots giant Daily Kos.

“We rely on ActBlue to raise the funds that help keep Daily Kos running, and we rely on Action Network to keep in touch with our network of activists. It was crucial for us that these two tools work together so we could continue to provide tools and information to our community and allies,” said Daily Kos President Will Rockafellow. “We’re extremely excited that today this integration is a reality.”

The Action NetworkActBlue



DailyKos ActBlue is among the largest progressive fundraising tool available, used by everyone from county party candidates to Bernie Sanders’ national grassroots fundraising. It recently passed $1 billion in total donations through the platform and added access for nonprofit groups to raise money with its simple and elegant standalone donation pages. ActBlue’s support for OSDI means that any progressive technology vendor can easily integrate ActBlue donors with other organizing tools.

“We’re very excited to be taking a big step forward in helping our users move data more easily,” said Nate Thames, Technical Services Executive Director at ActBlue. “Our new Action Network-OSDI integration is the latest in a string of API integrations we’ve done in concert with the campaigns and organizations who use our software. They’re always always looking for great organizing technology, and we believe getting your data from one of those systems to another shouldn’t be a chore, and it shouldn’t be a paid upgrade. Our movement wins when we work together, and when our technology works together.”

Organizers can now use Action Network’s rich query tools on ActBlue data, to target petitions, event invites, email blasts and other action requests from its rich toolset to donors automatically synced from ActBlue. Action Network is an early adopter of the OSDI API and already integrates with the social organizing tools and ActionSprout, email and phone append vendor Accurate Append and more. The platform — free to use for individuals and smaller organizations — partners with unions, environmental groups, and other large progressive groups, and also offers action syndication and network features for federated organizations.

Jason Rosenbaum, Director of Technology at Action Network, said their early adoption of OSDI APIs has made it easy to expand the platform’s suite of integrations and to serve the complex needs of large customers.

“We like to focus on doing one thing well — digital organizing — which means our toolset needs to integrate with other tools that do other things in order for our partners to do their work effectively,” Rosenbaum said. “OSDI allows us to build up that ecosystem of tools, all sharing data effectively and automatically. Integrations like ActBlue, which has been highly requested by our partners, really supercharge our toolset and expands our market.”

ActBlue’s adoption of OSDI’s fundraising profile allows all OSDI implementers to easily add ActBlue data to their applications.

Technology vendors can explore OSDI’s growing library of API resources on Github.  If you are a progressive customer or a vendor that serves progressive customers and you’d like to learn about ways to participate in OSDI, sign up here.